Get the Authentic Organic Wool Mattress from The Organic Mattress Store in Pennsylvania

An authentic organic wool mattress may be just what you need for a comfortable and restful slumber, and an established and reputable organic mattress store in Pennsylvania is a good place to start looking for one. There are many benefits of sleeping on an organic wool mattress. The most obvious benefit is that it is healthy and safer for you, since it is harvested and cleansed without synthetic dyes, bleaches, pesticides, and toxic fire retardants. Organic wool does not need those treatments because it is naturally fire retardant and resistant to dust mites. Hence, you do not have to worry about harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin and your lungs, or cause long-term damage to your health.

Certified organic wool comes from sheep and are harvested and treated following federal standards, such as organic livestock production and practices, and the wool is not treated with harmful chemicals and cleaning agents. The best organic mattress store in Hellertown Pennsylvania takes their time to verify the farming and manufacturing processes that go into the products they carry. Some of the federal requirements being followed for organic livestock include the feeding of certified organic forage and feed for sheep, not using genetic engineering and synthetic hormones, not using any synthetic pesticides, and the assurance of livestock health through good management and cultural practices.

An organic mattress store in Pennsylvania carries authentic organic wool mattresses only from reputable brands, such as Shepherd’s Dream. Their private label is made of natural and organic wool fibers to create better loft, resulting in a luxurious and lightweight feel. Certified organic wool is resilient, and it regulates moisture and heat, so it keeps you comfortable as you sleep, regardless of the season. Organic wool still has lanolin, which makes the material naturally resistant to dust mites. Lanolin tends to be stripped away by chemical processing, so organic wool is washed only with vegetable-based soaps and hot water to retain its natural hypo-allergenic factor.