Get Better Sleep with Natural Mattresses

Add a Wool Pillowtop for a nesting feeling

Organic mattresses are naturally anti-microbial and designed to provide better sleep.  The benefits of using natural mattresses are not unknown, but a lot of people forgo them. There is a prejudice that organic mattresses are overly expensive and hard to get. If cost is the only thing hindering you from getting better sleep, you only need to think about the long-term benefits that owning organic mattress offers. Mattresses are never cheap anyway, thus it is better to invest in a healthier, albeit more expensive mattress that will give you better quality sleep. The following are some of the key advantages of natural mattresses, providing you with better quality sleep:

  • Owning organic mattresses eliminates toxic chemicals from your bedroom. Commercial and traditionally produced mattresses often require oil based chemicals and toxic flame retardants. Over time, these compounds release small to significant amounts of toxic gases that fill the air of your bedroom with dangerous toxins that you eventually inhale. Mattress manufacturers always do not state what chemical compounds they use to comply with standards. leaving you in dark to determine the amount of toxic compounds used to treat the mattresses.
  • Organic mattresses on the other hand, are naturally flame retardant, especially those made of high wool content. Wool naturally repels fire.
  • Wool-based organic mattresses contain lanolin. This naturally occurring substance is waxed, which naturally repels undesirable growths and parasites like dust mites and mold and mildew. This results in better sleep due to cleaner and a more comfortable sleeping environment, and offers great relief for people suffering from allergies. Organic mattresses are the sensible choice for people with these kinds of sensitivities as they are both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
  • Organic mattresses also contribute to temperature regulation. This protects the body from overheating and excessive sweating, which in turn gives you a good night’s sleep.
  • Designed for optimum comfort and support, organic mattresses also provide excellent spinal alignment support, regardless of the shape of your body. This kind of spinal support promotes better posture even during sleep which makes your sleep more restful.
  • More than providing end consumers with healthier sleep, another relevant benefit of supporting organic mattresses is the use of organic production methods that reduces harm to the environment and the workforce. Organic mattresses are the environmentally and ecologically friendly choice, and economic benefits, while not evident at first can definitely be realized in the long run.

About the Author:

Dennis and Leora Hornick are the owners of the Organic Mattress Store Inc. They started this business in 2004 and within a few years it became a big brand store in Pennsylvania and the East Coast, all the way to California.

The Organic Mattress Store Inc. is a well-known organic mattress store in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. They provide mattresses made up of 100% certified organic cotton and pure wool. They are the market leaders in natural and organic mattress. They have all big brands in their store like Green Sleep, Royal-Pedic, WJ-Southard, Shepherds Dream, etc, for you to come in to try out.