Get better Sleep at night.. How??


Stop the blame game

Today, there is a whole channel in your brain dedicated to judging your inability to sleep, and it loves to play the “blame and shame” game.

“If you have had the issue for any length of time, you have probably researched or discovered that not sleeping is not good for you. So besides your brain turning on about whatever worries are front and center, you also start repeatedly worrying about the effects of lack of sleep. And as with most worries, you probably judge yourself for it,”

“Throw yourself a little compassion,” she advised. “It’s not a reflection of your worth.”

To prevent the mind from revving up at night, give your brain a break a few times during the workday: “If your brain has been in high gear all day, it has a harder time shutting down. Bring it back to neutral at least a couple of times a day with 5-minute breaks of breath work,”

  1. Avoid clock watching

Want to feel even more anxious and guilty about not sleeping? That’s what clock watching will do. So don’t keep checking the time — really.


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“It’s important not to get worked up about one bad night’s sleep because anxiety itself makes it difficult to fall back asleep,”   484-851-3636