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Waking up feeling sore and lacking sleep is not exactly the best way to start a day. If the cause is your old and overused mattress, then it is time to consider upgrading to a high-quality natural latex mattress. It may not be like any cheap regular foam or those fancy memory foam mattresses, but being made of natural latex will 99.9% guarantee better sleep and a healthier you. The material is made by nature, specifically, from the sap of rubber trees in sustainable forests, like the ones in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Natural latex has been used since the mid-1900s, but it is only recently that the material and its manufacturing process have become more reasonably priced for every consumer looking to improve the quality of his or her sleep.

The natural latex mattress may appeal to sleepers who are looking to upgrade their lifestyle to include environmentally friendly products. Memory foam, synthetic foam, and conventional spring mattresses may still be around, but natural latex mattresses are able to outperform the performance of those popular products when it comes to longevity, improving the health of people, and ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep. Natural Dunlop latex or rubber naturally repels dust mites, so you do not have to worry about  those bugs accumulating in your mattress to cause allergies, skin conditions, and respiratory problems.

Memory foam may boast support for your body by taking your shape. The natural latex mattress can do that, too, but it recovers faster when you get out of bed. Moreover, natural latex mattresses are safer. Conventional mattresses are  harmful and loaded with potentially toxic chemicals that could increase your risk of developing fertility problems, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalance, cancer, and other health problems associated with too much exposure to pesticides and chemical fire retardants. A mattress made of natural latex will have natural fire retardants like natural wool within its layers.

To ensure a satisfactory,Deep sleep, manufacturers offer natural latex mattresses in many firmness levels. That way, you should be able to invest in a natural latex mattress that perfectly suits your desired level of comfort. Natural latex will provide an even sleeping surface that can maintain a neutral temperature and enable air to circulate around the mattress, so you can sleep more comfortably without waking up due to sweating and or the mattress feeling too hot.

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