General Care Instructions Mattress Protectors



COTTON MATTRESS PROTECTOR: Our mattress pad is good mattress protection.  Machine wash in lukewarm/cold water setting.  Please use a natural/biodegradable detergent only.  You may line dry or tumble dry on low.  Do not bleach. This product is GOTS certified organic cotton.

WOOL MATTRESS PROTECTOR: Made from pure tightly woven wool, this product is naturally flame retardant. Wool is a better mattress protector over cotton.  Wool is a natural insulator – it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool is water repellant, not resistant. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Washing:  The basics – soak and spin. Do not agitate or machine dry.  When using a top loader machine set the cycles to soak and high-speed spin.  Be careful not to walk away while on the soak setting as it will just go right to the agitation cycle if not stopped.  Soak – fill the machine with warm water. Add a small amount of biodegradable detergent. Place item in the machine, gently pushing it down to absorb the water. Let it soak. Skip all the agitation cycles.  Manually set to spin.  Let spin cycle centrifuge all the water out.  Soak and spin – Leave your item in the machine.  Fill with warm water again.  Then spin it out again.  MACHINE DRY ON VERY LOW. Or drape it in the sun or a warm place to dry. Follow manufacturers instructions as they all are slightly different. You can spot clean with vinegar as well.

WOOL MATTRESS PILLOW TOPS: Rejuvenate your wool pillow top by gently fluffing, pulling fiber apart from the center on both sides, and occasionally turning over and around. Try putting it in a dryer on low setting with tennis balls to fluff up. Go gently. This will insure even wear.  Hang your pillow top outdoors occasionally to let it freshen and puff up. (Allergens are at a minimum in the winter).  Stronger odors can be eliminated by sprinkling with baking soda before hanging outdoors.  Do not attempt to launder at home.  Professional dry cleaning at a green cleaner is recommended. Get a guarantee from them that the product will not shrink, or they have to replace it.


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