Freshening up for Winter

winter scene


As the season changes & it gets cooler in a lot of the U.S.  people start to thing about spending more time indoors. Winter is a great time to freshen up the Bedroom!  Look at the pillows you are sleeping with, if you can’t remember when you bought them it is probably a good time to replace them. Your pillow is a significant part of a good night sleep, proper neck & shoulder support, as well as good hygiene are important for your health & well being. If you are folding your pillow over in half so it is high enough, or feel like your neck is stiff in the morning, these are good indicators that your pillow has worn out. Also, if there is a funky aroma that you just can’t seem to air out, well, that might be a good indicator that a new pillow is in the near future.

Your blankets and mattress protectors are probably due for a trip to the laundry too, if you can hang them out in sunshine afterwards, sunlight & oxygen are great natural disinfectants & deodorizers. While you are at, think about rotating or flipping your mattress too for even wear.

Everything will smell fresh and clean and ready to snuggle in with a good book for a few minutes before you fall fast asleep.    1-484-851-3636