What foods can derail a good night’s sleep?

Definitely caffeine and cocktails in the evening can give you a lousy night’s sleep.Throw in a poor diet and poor sleep and you got a vicious cycle about to happen. One of the worst offenders of a bad night’s sleep is sugar. Save your sugar rushes for daytime.

One of the better foods to eat for a good night’s sleep is kiwi fruit which is high in the mood-moderating hormone serotonin. Also try some tart cherry juice, also high I serotonin. Also don’t remember your vegetables and whole grains high in fiber. They produce a slow wave sleep most of the time.

Sleep is crucial to every organ in our body, so finish it all off by sleeping on an organic mattress with an organic pillow, and a nice comforter made of organic materials. All on a nice wood bed that does not contribute to electronic magnetic fields. Give your body a chance to heal and you will be happy for it. Only at The Organic Mattress Store. 484-851-3636.Now go get some Kiwi’s  they work