Five Reasons to Buy Twin Organic Mattress

You can get started in living a healthier and green lifestyle by switching your regular mattress to an organic one. Organic mattresses are free of harmful chemicals, making them safer in the long run. Moreover, they can provide you with a blissful and more comfortable rest. If you are still not convinced about buying a twin organic mattress, here are five reasons why you should strongly consider it:

  1. Safer for you – A twin organic mattress is perfect for kids or for single dwellers. Unlike conventional foam mattresses, an organic mattress is never doused in toxic flame retardants. It is made of wool—a natural fire retardant—so you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals off-gassing and causing neurological, cognitive, and developmental disorders, fertility problems, and certain types of cancers.
  2. It is more comfortable – The average person spends about one-third of his or her life sleeping. Hence, comfort is a big deal when it comes to selecting a mattress. An organic mattress will maintain a neutral temperature so it does not feel too hot or too cold. The latex naturally follows the contours of your body for more support, so you do not wake up with sore spots and numbness.
  3. It lets you breathe easy – Asthma, allergic rhinitis, and other respiratory problems can be triggered by dust mites and mold growth, both of which can occur in regular foam mattresses. A twin organic mattress naturally repels dust mites. It lets body perspiration and moisture dissipate quickly, too, so you do not have to worry about them accumulating in the mattress and causing mold to thrive and bad smells to occur. And since there are no dust mites, you can be at ease knowing that no bugs will bite you as you sleep.
  4. Organic mattresses are more durable – Natural latex can typically last more than two decades without undue deterioration.
  5. Environmentally friendly – Organic and natural materials in the twin mattress are sourced in an ethical and sustainable way. They are biodegradable, too.