Five Reasons to Buy an Organic Latex Mattress

With all the talk about going organic, people cannot help but wonder about one of the most discussed organic products in the market— that is, the ‘natural mattress.’ Organic latex mattresses are particularly of interest and they are often pitted against memory foams, which are equally popular because of their non-coil configuration and special characteristics that help users sleep great. While natural latex and memory foam have many common properties, they are complete opposites when it comes to composition.

Organic latex is made out of the natural sap of the rubber tree, processed and manufactured using techniques that result in considerably lower carbon dioxide emissions, making it the more environmentally friendly choice as opposed to memory foams, which are mainly made out of synthetic, potentially carcinogenic chemicals, which off gas to the air as the material breaks down. If off-gassing and cancer-causing toxins are not reason enough for you to go for the alternative, here are five more reasons you should buy an organic latex mattress instead of other traditional types of mattresses:

  • Organic latex is breathable. Mattresses made out of natural latex are significantly more breathable than memory foam because natural latex is composed of millions of microscopic cells, which give your mattress an open-cell structure that enables continuous airflow.
  • Natural latex provides body support and superb elasticity. This means it conforms to the natural curves of the body, supporting the spine well throughout the night, even as you move around the bed. This helps improve back pains by relieving pressure.
  • Organic latex is hypoallergenic. Apart from its natural anti-fungal properties, natural latex is also resistant to allergens, dust mites, and microbes, which inhibits the growth and infestation of bacteria, pests, mold, and mildew. Dust mites hate the natural latex, and the wool inside.
  • Natural latex is environment and people friendly; and
  • Organic latex does not off gas even after many years of use, unlike synthetic beds that emit harmful toxins into the air as they break down.