Find the Right Natural Latex Mattress to Suit Your Desired Level of Comfort

Deciding to buy a natural latex mattress is the first step to improving the quality of your sleep and your health. However, there will be a lot of factors to consider before you find the right one. For one thing, you must be sure that you are buying in a high-quality mattress that is made of authentic natural latex and make sure that your choice is appropriate for your needs and desired level of comfort. Keep in mind that there are different manufacturers offering different firmness level to consider. Refer to the following guidelines to find the right natural latex mattress:

  • Find a reputed retailer of natural mattresses online – Look up seasoned and established stores and arrange a visit to their showroom to personally view their selection of products. This is a good time to learn more about the natural latex mattresses they carry, too. Remember to read the label to know exactly what the mattress is made of and to verify that it is made of natural latex. Consider buying a natural latex mattress from a store that is a certified gold Green America business and a member of the Organic Trade Association.The Organic Mattress Store is that place.

  • Make sure the mattress is manufactured according to the Global Organic Latex Standard – GOLS is the processing and materials standard for natural latex. It certifies that the natural latex mattress is properly labeled, made without any pesticides, and contains at least 95 percent organic raw material of its overall weight. It certifies that the mattress was made in a sustainable and humane way.

  • Feel the mattress yourself – Another reason to personally view the selection of natural latex mattresses is to know exactly how it feels. Manufacturers may vary on what they think is firm or extra firm, even when their products are labeled similarly. The Organic mattress store does not sell Talalay made in Conneticut because it contains a seam of Simalfa adhesive to bind pieces together. Simalfa is not safe.

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