Find the Most Comfortable, Finest Quality Luxury Royal Pedic  Mattress for Your Family

Dubbed as the Healthy Mattress, Royal Pedic mattresses promote healthful sleep through their fine, natural, hypoallergenic materials, layered together to make a mattress restful, comfortable, and re-energizing. Your good night’s sleep is possible through Royal Pedic’s premium natural ingredients, from untreated French wool to elegant Belgian cotton, long fiber cotton from the USA, and latex cores made in the Netherlands. If you want the best organic mattress, Royal Pedic is available in the best organic mattress stores offering fine quality, comfortable, and luxury natural mattresses.

Exactly what makes a mattress materials organic? Royal Pedic uses layers upon layers of high quality, premium stable 100% organic cotton padding. These layers of oganically grown cotton ensure a consistent, even, and supportive sleeping surface. The company uses hand tufted, pre-compressed cotton to avoid lumping and shifting of materials over time. Their cotton batting come from the most sustainable farms in California and Texas, ensuring an all-natural composition that provides durability, guarantees comfort, and provides good ventilation from body heat. No polyurethane materials are used in Royal Pedic’s natural mattresses, so you are sure to get an mattress that is consistent, even, and provides efficient back support. Because natural materials offer innate hypo-allergenic properties these mattresses also make the perfect choice for those who have allergic sensitivities and often those with unresolved chronic respiratory issues.

Royal Pedic mattresses are also made using the finest quality and cutting edge sewing machinery so you are sure of their durability. Each stich is done with such precision to make sure there is never an uneven layer. Meticulous sewing and binding go into each mattress through the hands of experienced people who have been making mattresses for decades. Royal Pedic also uses the age-old hand tufting method so the inner padding is compressed finely for excellent orthopedic back support, which also helps minimize body impressions. This process is done by highly skilled craftsmen, ensuring the highest quality end product that ensures durability, comfort, and even compression for a healthier, more restful sleep. Finally, Royal Pedic box springs are made using time tested processes that ensure your mattress organic will last for years to come. 

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