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Once you decide that an organic mattress is for you, the next step is to find the best organic mattress store in Pennsylvania. To get started, look up a reputable organic mattress store in Philadelphia for a chance to find a trustworthy supplier. Price should not automatically be the determining factor for choosing a retailer of organic mattresses. You need to look at factors like the store’s reputation, the brands of organic mattresses they carry, and the certifications and organic standards they support. Location should matter, too. However, you may have to go further than Pennsylvania to visit the retailer’s showroom. That way, you can personally view their products and verify the authenticity of their mattresses.

Remember to check the quality of their products. An organic mattress store should sell latex mattresses that follow the Global Organic Latex Standard. If the retailer claims that their products should 100-percent organic or natural products, check the label to verify that there are no synthetic blends. Beware of organic mattresses that claim to be made of 100 percent organic cotton, but are actually made with 30 percent recycled synthetic fibers. Make sure that you are buying an authentic organic mattress, whether you are getting one from a retailer in Pennsylvania or Philadelphia.

Reputable organic mattress stores are members of the Organic Trade Association and they are certified businesses by Green America. Likewise, they have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Another important factor to consider when finding an organic mattress retailer is their experience. A seasoned business, like a leading organic mattress store in Philadelphia, is capable of identifying and understanding different types of customers and their unique needs, and the products they sell are based on those factors.

Explore the selection of organic mattresses in the organic mattress store and consider brands like Royal-Pedic, Green Sleep, and Shepherd’s Dream. Some of the best organic mattress retailers in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania have their own label, which you should consider, too. The retailer may have a website where you can learn about its products as well as a showroom that you can visit. That way, you can personally ask questions about the mattress that you want to buy.

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