Find an Established and Experienced Retailer of Natural Mattresses and Bedding Online

Are you thinking of changing your mattress and bedding to something more natural instead of synthetic, and conventional? It all starts with finding the right retailer of natural mattresses and bedding online.As long as you buy from an experienced and established retailer, you can be sure that you are investing in an authentic mattress and high-quality organic bedding to go with it. Switching to organic bedding may improve the quality of your sleep and your health, but you need to make sure that you are buying products from a reputable retailer that understands the importance of preferring organic products. Here are few things to consider when finding a retailer:

  • Learn about the retailer’s experience and certifications – Consider a retailer that has been in business for over a decade and verify their membership with the Organic Trade Association.
  • Verify the quality and certifications of the products they carry – Make sure the organic cottons used in the mattresses are able to meet the standards of the National Organic Program of the USDA.  Natural Latex mattresses must be made following the Global Organic Latex Standard.
  • See if they have a private label – An established and experienced retailer has been in the business long enough to understand what should go into their products. This gives them the confidence to carry their own selection of Natural Latex mattresses and bedding, too. For instance, one of the leading natural latex mattress retailers in the US has been in business for more than 12 years and their private label mattresses are made of 100 percent certified organic cotton padding and fabric, organic wool, and Dunlop natural rubber from Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Were talking about The Organic Mattress Store.
  • Visit their showroom to learn more about the products they carry – Seasoned retailers of organic mattresses and bedding may offer a free catalog, but be sure to visit their showroom to personally explore their selection of products. It is a good time to verify the quality of their products and get to know the retailer, too.