Features of Organic Cotton Sheets Made in the USA

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 stated that any type of fabric that touches your skin, whether clothing or something that goes on your bed, must be made to the highest human ecological requirements. Buying sheets for your bed may seem simple enough where you pick the design, colors, and fabric that you want. Not much thought goes into the process, but once you discover the manufacturing process and the amount of toxic substances added in conventional sheets, you may want to think twice and consider organic cotton sheets made in the USA. Organic cotton is simpler and much easier to comprehend than synthetic products because they are never treated with pesticides, bleach, fire retardants, dyes, and other potentially harmful substances that can cause health problems in the long run.

Bed sheets may seem harmless, but they could be laden with pesticides that could disrupt your endocrine system and affect your hormonal balance. Chemicals from fire retardants may cause cancer and reproductive health problems, too. You do not have to worry about them when you choose organic cotton sheets made in the USA. With organic cotton sheets, you get clean, pure fabrics that are soft and luxurious to touch. Hence, you can sleep soundly knowing that your sheets will not slowly kill you.

The best organic cotton sheets that are made in the USA use organic cotton from South Carolina mills. Organic cotton is grown organically and never treated with pesticides and harmful fertilizers. Farmers practice safer labor conditions, too. Once harvested, the organic cotton is shipped to manufacturers who make the sheets following the most stringent standards for quality. Reputable manufacturers sell 100 percent organic cotton sheets, and they do not compromise by using only 70 percent cotton and 30 percent synthetic recycled fibers.

Consider buying organic cotton sheets from a reputable retailer or organic bedding and mattresses. The best organic cotton sheets made in the USA are sold by retailers who are members of the Organic Trade Organization and certified by Green America.