What Are The Features Of Natural Mattresses Made From Latex?

When you go for shopping a new mattress, you’ll find that there is a wide range of mattresses available in the market. Just in terms of the material used, there are as many as ten commonly sold types. These materials include the most commonly used synthetic memory foam, cool gel that provides additional fluidity in the support, and the traditional coil, or spring, supporting a thin layer of foam. Most of these cushioning materials are made from harmful chemicals, which can cause behavioral changes at the minimum, and chronic illnesses like cancer at the worst. It’s just not worth it.

Natural Latex based mattresses offer just the solution to some of these woes. These mattresses are made from rubber, and thus the sap from rubber trees. The sap is frothed, cooked in mold with steam, and turned into foam, which is used as the core of mattresses.

There are two types of natural latex in natural mattresses, Dunlop and Talalay. Dunlop is denser, firmer, and ultimately more durable. Talalay has other compontents that are different from Dunlop. Our mattresses use high density Sri Lankan Dunlop rubber cores. We do not sell Talalay.

These Natural Mattresses have an exceptional ability to accommodate the contours of side sleepers as well as back or belly sleepers. These mattresses offer snug support for the spine while maintaining optimal blood circulation. When compared to slow recovey, grabby memory foam, these rubber cores have a fast recovery. This responsive behavior can be quite refreshing and helps in a better relaxing experience.

Since latex has a natural ability to disperse heat, the mattresses feel cooler when compared synthetic counterparts. If the mattress uses other natural fibers, like our organic cotton webbing and natural wool cushioning, which are known for providing the same benefits, the temperature regulatory ability of the bed increases alot. Dunlop natural latex runs neutral.

Mattresses made from natural latex are resistant to dust mites, and also resist formation of moulds. This not only results in a more hygienic bed over the years, but the hypoallergenic nature also prevents skin or respiratory allergies from shooting up. It’s important to note however that some people can be allergic to the proteins found in latex. If you’ve previously experienced allergic reactions to things like latex balloons or surgical gloves you should take expert medical advice before making a purchase.

Our Key Largo Natural Latex Mattress has all the features of a latex mattress and more- the reason why it’s our highest selling product. It also meets the Global Organic Textile Standards, making sure that it is produced with the highest standards, limiting contamination, and ensuring organic status.

It is constructed with an accommodating six-inch natural Dunlop latex core, covered on all sides with certified 100% organic cotton fabric. Pure Oregon wool provides additional cushioning on both faces, for extra comfort.Pure wool is also your natural fire retardant. All this adds up to something you will have for 25 years. Give yourself Piece of Mind.