Falling Back Asleep


“You usually end up trying to determine how much time you have left to sleep and worrying about whether you will fall back to sleep in a reasonable amount of time,”  “This can in fact make the process of returning to sleep more difficult.”

Don’t grab a sneak peak when you go back to bed, either. Seeing the time may only rev you up again

Don’t drink before bed, who studies the interaction between sleep disturbances and addictive disorders.

“As alcohol is metabolized it forms acetaldehyde which is stimulating,” “Therefore if you drink too much alcohol right before going to bed, in about four hours it is converted to aldehyde which can disrupt sleep and wake you up.”

In addition to awakenings during the night, alcohol can cause “frequent trips to the bathroom because it inhibits a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), resulting in increased urination,”

It’s best to try to get rid of your worries — as much as possible — well before bed, experts say.

“Close the day by capturing anything left to do tomorrow — so you don’t have to work on that at 3 am — and bullet point ongoing issues so you have a clear picture,” “Reflect on what went well (that day) and be grateful. This is good to do at end of work day or after dinner, before evening relaxation.”

However, it you missed that step or your brain still doesn’t want to let go despite the use of relaxation techniques, try “dumping” as a method of stress reduction,

“Keep a pad and low light next to the bed and write the list down,” she said. “If that doesn’t work — your mind is really on — get up. Leave the bedroom and do a quick writing dump of worries, thoughts and ideas. If you are really upset, write to exhaustion.”


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