Facts about Natural Dunlop Latex from Sri Lanka or Maylasia

One of the most interesting uses of Natural Rubber Latex is the construction it.Because of the high cost of this resource, it is rare to find brand name mattresses that use only this organic matter. Often chain stores or big-box companies will usually only include 1 – 2 inches of natural latex on the top of a mattress which allows them to promote it as “natural”. Unfortunately, many of these mattresses are made from a large amount of synthetic materials as opposed to organic stuff coming out of trees.

100% natural rubber latex mattresses are comfortable and fully supportive for your legs and lumbar. These mattresses go above and beyond when it comes to managing wellness and improving your health.  In addition to the normal benefits of a new mattress, latex rubber has a natural resistance to bacteria, molds and mites.  When you place a wool mattress pad over a breathable latex mattress, it will absorb perspiration or excess moisture from the body. It is said that the airflow in latex is unsurpassed, wicking away moisture as it dries and preventing mold or odor from penetrating the surface. Not only does this prevent bacterial spread, but it also reduces allergies and promotes breathing health.

As an added bonus, natural latex beds have organic fire-barriers, and use no glues or chemicals. This type of mattress is perfect for environmentally conscious people who share the values of protecting and cultivating a cleaner and healthier earth. Anyone who shares a concern about exposure to toxic or synthetic chemicals and practices holistic, sustainable lifestyle should consider the 100% natural latex mattresses from The Organic Mattress Store in Hellertown, Pa.