Facts about Organic Crib Mattresses

A typical adult spends about 30% of his day in bed. Babies, on the other hand, spend 70% of their day laying flat on their cribs, asleep. This is exactly why you should pay attention to the quality of the sleeping environment that you give your child. If you want your kid to grow up healthy. Choose beddings and mattresses that are made out of the highest quality and the healthiest materials.

A healthy sleeping environment will ensure healthy development of your child. Babies are more sensitive in every way, simply because their organs and their entire body system are still developing. They have more sensitive skin and are more sensitive to chemicals. While more expensive than conventional mattresses, organic beddings provide a much safer alternative for your child and your entire household.

Organic crib mattresses are free from the usual chemicals that are often found in conventional mattresses. It is advisable to start saving for organic mattresses as early as you can so you can provide a healthy sleeping environment for your baby as you welcome him or her. Creating a healthy indoor environment for your child is crucial for his or her healthy development.

Conventional crib mattresses are soaked in a concoction of potentially harmful chemicals such as fire retardants and pesticides. Using conventional crib mattresses is exposes your child to these harmful chemicals, which may contribute to stunted development, allergies, and other health conditions.

Organic mattresses on the other hand, don’t contain synthetic materials that off gas harmful chemicals. They are made using materials that retain utmost purity and are therefore healthier. When shopping for organic crib mattresses, look deeper than just the organic cotton covering and ask your supplier about what’s inside. Choose a mattress that is organic from the inside out.