Factors That Make the Royal Pedic Innerspring Mattress Unique 

Royal Pedic is one of the names that probably come to your mind when it comes to organic innerspring mattresses, and for good reason. The brand is synonymous with high-end mattresses that guarantee a comfortable and relaxing rest. The Royal Pedic innerspring mattress hails from London, with the ‘Royal’ aspect of the name referring to the fact that its founder, Abe Kaplan, was a mattress maker for Heals of London, the over centuries-old company that makes mattresses for the English Royal Family and other well-known people like US presidents and celebrities. ‘Pedic’ pertains to the musculoskeletal (orthopedic) support, which the company’s signature mattresses are known for.

Many other companies may be using the same term to refer to their products, but only Royal Pedic is the most established provider of unmatched and reliable orthopedic support for more than 50 years. Hence, you can be sure that every Royal Pedic innerspring mattress can provide the highest-quality support for your body, particularly for your back, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. Be sure to buy authentic Royal Pedic innerspring mattresses from authorized retailers. Arrange a visit to the retailer’s showroom to personally verify the authenticity of their products if you can.

The mattresses are hand-crafted and custom built using only the finest natural materials. The Malibu, a Royal Pedic innerspring mattress, contains long staple certified organic cotton from Texas and California, and an organic cotton fabric woven in Germany. Lamb’s wool is untreated and imported from France. Royal-Pedic prefers sheep from France where these animals are allowed to live and roam in wide, open spaces instead of being raised and cooped up in conventional farms and small pens. The wool is cleaned using a chemical-free and soap-based solution to preserve the material’s lanolin, a natural dust mite repellent. 

Traditional methods like hand tufting are still used today to ensure maximum orthopedic support and the highest-quality finish. The Royal Pedic innerspring mattress is designed to last longer than a conventional mattress. Hence, the company relies on cutting edge sewing machines to make sure that the mattress is finished precisely for durability and comfort. Royal Pedic uses high-end technologies, too, like the Royal-Flex 360i boxspring system from Switzerland that contains double the number of coils over the industry standard, resulting in a firm feel and a more durable mattress.

In case you do not like wool, Royal Pedic offers the Vegan Ease innerspring mattress, which shares all of The Malibu’s features, minus the wool. Instead, it uses layers of pristine, pesticide-free staple cotton fabric, which has not been treated with toxic chemicals and fire retardants.

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