Experience Divine Sleep with a Certified Organic Mattresses

Eight hours of sleep is recommended to achieve a complete rest. This means, we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping in our beds. When you think about that, you should consider the quality of your sleep and the overall comfort that your mattress provides. If you find your mattress uncomfortable and your slumber is often interrupted due to any form of discomfort, then it is time to consider upgrading to a certified organic mattress, from The Organic Mattress Store.

Organic mattresses are made with non-toxic materials from nature. They do not go through traditional manufacturing methods and are not doused or treated with toxic chemicals to pass certain standards for being flame retardant. The natural materials used to make them are naturally flame retardant, like in the case of organic natural, chemical free wool. Organic mattresses do not have any synthetic or recycled materials, which may have harmful chemicals and may cause certain skin and respiratory conditions.

Individuals who suffer from asthma and allergies prefer a certified organic mattress. This type of mattress is also recommended for young children, babies, and the elderly because it provides a safer and healthier sleeping surface. Certified organic mattresses are typically made of layers of 100 percent organic cotton and/or natural wool, with natural 97% pure latex. Some of the best types of 100 percent organic cotton is sourced from South Carolina mills, while the natural latex is sourced from the rubber trees in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The wools are out of California/Oregon, or Malayaia, or France.

Certified organic mattresses are a great investment when you consider their health benefits and the fact that many of them can last for 25 years. An organic mattress repels dust mites and prevents bacterial and mold growth. The Natural Hevea in the rubber does this, along with the wool. Both are dust mite resistant. This means less skin and respiratory allergies. Organic mattresses are breathable and cool in the summer, and they can naturally keep you warm in the winter. Moreover, these mattresses are made from biodegradable materials, so they are environmentally friendly.