Ensure A Comfortable Slumber with Natural Rubber Latex Mattress


Discomfort can keep you up all night or cause you to wake up repetitively. It can make you feel exhausted instead of well-rested when you get out of bed. If you find yourself going through this ordeal, you may want to check your mattress. Are you still using a regular innerspring or cheap foam? You may want to consider changing it to a better product that can contribute to a better and comfortable slumber. A natural rubber latex mattress is a good choice, particularly one that is free of harmful chemicals and synthetic materials that can make you sick.


Unlike conventional and mass-produced mattresses, a natural rubber latex mattress is made of high-quality Dunlop from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, or Guatemala. This all-natural latex material appears milky white when tapped directly from rubber trees found in the rainforests of those countries. Reputable manufacturers use these natural materials without damaging the environment or the trees, so you can be rest assured that you are sleeping on a surface that is not only comfortable, but will not add to the burden of depleting natural resources.


A natural rubber latex mattress is more durable than conventional mattresses. It should last for over two plus decades without undue deterioration, so you can continue experiencing a richer and deeper sleep for a long time. This means sleeping comfortably and waking up without any aches and pains or any discomfort that can cause you to feel bad throughout the day. The material provides support as it follows your body’s contours while ensuring an even sleeping surface.


The absence of toxic chemicals in your natural rubber latex mattress will also improve your safety as you sleep. The material is recommended for sleepers with respiratory problems, like asthma, as it repels allergens naturally. A natural latex mattress does not contain synthetic fire retardants, only natural ones from wool. Organic cotton is also added for breathability, dust mite resistance, temperature regulation, and of course, for your overall comfort. You can get this mattress in a firmness level of your choice. If someone is sleeping beside you, the mattress helps dampen disturbance or noise from their movement, so you do not have to wake up every time they move. There is very little transference of motion with an all natural latex mattress.


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