Why Dunlop Latex Mattress is Considered the Best Crib Mattress?

The best thing about Dunlop latex is that it is considered the purest out of latex foam types, made out of pure latex sap or serum, tapped directly from the bark of rubber trees. Manufacturing and production methods for natural Dunlop latex have remained the same since their introduction in the 1920s, despite many advancements in foam processing techniques. Free from synthetics and toxic substances, which other types of foams use as a substitute for natural rubber sap, Dunlop remains to be the densest form of natural latex, which makes it possible to produce variable levels of firmnesses even in a single foam unit. Dunlop latex mattress sale options include customizable configurations to achieve the best level of firmness needed for a full bed or even a crib mattress.

Dunlop latex mattresses are formed by whipping the harvested rubber sap into the froth and baking the resulting fluff into sheets using large steam molds. The natural sediments within the sap mixture would settle to the mold’s bottom, which makes lower Dunlop layers slightly denser, hence firmer than the top surface. Adjusting a Dunlop foam’s firmness is often just a matter of flipping the mattress over to get the denser or softer side on top, depending on your preference.

Take advantage of Dunlop latex mattress sale events to get Dunlop latex crib mattresses at the best prices. A preferred crib mattress material, Dunlop latex offers many health benefits over other types of crib mattresses. Many parents choose Dunlop latex because it ensures low VOC emissions, hence creating a healthier sleeping and breathing environment for developing infants. Manufacturers of Dunlop latex also follow strict standards of purity, which means that users are not exposed to toxic chemicals as they sleep on pure Dunlop. This latex foam type also ensures just enough firmness and softness to keep infants safe from SIDS.