Do’s and Don’ts When Using Organic Mattresses

Care for your organic mattress as you would do for your standard beddings, but do take extra precautions if you wish to extend its shelf life. Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember when using organic mattresses in your bedrooms, RVs, and motor homes:


  • Use a wool or cotton organic mattress cover. These detachable and washable implements will help protect your organic mattress from dust, allergens, bed bugs, moisture, and spills. This will also save your time and effort in vacuuming the mattress often.
  • Use mattress pads. In addition or as an alternative to mattress covers, use mattress pads to make your mattress more water proof, hygienic and comfortable. Mattress pads are available in many configurations, from natural latex to cotton, wool Keep your bed skirts off the floor. This will help you reduce the likelihood of bed bugs.
  • Use a mild organic cleaner on stains, immediately. Do so as stains occur, as prolonging the presence of stain will make it more permanent and harder to remove.
  • Strip the bed when going out of town or leaving for long holidays. This will allow your mattress to air out.



  • Use the mattress handles in order to lift its full weight. This might cause the covering to rip and the mattress to fall apart. These handles are often designed only for adjusting and shifting the unit to place.
  • Eat, drink, or smoke on your bed. These may lead to staining and may leave unpleasant odors. Moisture in the bed also creates a breeding ground for infestations like mold and bacterial growth.
  • Stand or jump on the bed. Standing or jumping puts much weight on a small area of the mattress, which can permanently damage its structure.
  • Use harsh chemicals to clean the bed. Only use mild and gentle organic cleansers to preserve the quality and integrity of the organic mattress.
  • Don’t have sex while standing up in bed, it might lead to dancing.