Do You Know the Health Benefits of Natural Mattresses?

When people talk about the health benefits of natural mattresses, it is not uncommon to hear arguments about PBDEs, chemical fertilizers, and other toxic materials that go into the manufacturing of traditional mattresses. Because it’s been well established that organic mattresses are free from these harmful impurities, let’s talk about the less mentioned (actual) health benefits of natural mattresses:

  • The organic materials that these mattresses are composed of are not only free from off-gassing chemicals; they also have natural qualities that make a healthier and more comfortable sleeping environment. Thermal regulation is one of them. Wool for instance has the natural ability to regulate temperature, making that a good choice for those living in areas with rapidly changing climates. These mattresses can help keep you warm during cold spells, and cool during warmer nights. Additionally, their natural wool fibers have natural moisture-wicking qualities, keeping sweat away from your skin during sleep or while at rest.
  • The comfort levels that these mattresses provide are incredibly high. They come in various firmness options, which help those with back and pressure point issues. Using mattresses with the right firmness can help provide pain relief and enhance sleep comfort.75% off all people end up with a 80-D medium firm. This is what The Organic Mattress Store has found.
  • People who are suffering from chemical sensitivities, allergies, and auto-immune irregularities also find comfort in organic mattresses as they are free from the impurities that their synthetic counterparts often introduce to your sleeping environment.
  • Natural materials like wool and latex are also dust mite resistant, which means you are less susceptible to infestation and the resulting discomfort and allergies that they commonly bring.
  • Finally, organic mattresses allow a more restful slumber, which ultimately leads to full nights of uninterrupted sleep. People who sleep well get the rest that the mind and the body require to stay at optimum health.