An in Depth Look at Latex Pillow Top Mattresses

A latex pillow top mattress is an excellent bedding choice for those who want the benefits of a latex or memory foam bed and the added support of an additional pillow top layer. What sets a pillow top mattress apart from regular mattresses is that it features an added layer of padding that is sewn right on top of the mattress’s surface. This pillow top adds a comfortable and protective layer to a typical mattress spread, which makes this type of mattress a great option for those who don’t want the trouble of multiple beddings (such as the addition of mattress toppers duvets, comforters, and the like) to achieve the same level of comfort and protection.

There are many benefits to choosing a latex pillow top mattress. In addition to the added comfort and luxury of a pillow top, these hybrid mattresses turn up much cheaper than other alternatives like gel mattresses and memory foam, which tend to cost much. Pillow top mattresses are much more affordable and durable, hence offering much longer life span, thanks to the protective properties of the sewn-on pillow tops. Also worth mentioning is the ability of pillow tops to help relieve common pains and aches that result from uncomfortable sleeping positions. Pillow top beds are highly recommended for side sleepers suffering from shoulder and hip pressure points.

Apart from latex pillow top mattress, you will also find separate pillow top pads, which you can use on top of regular mattresses to add comfort or to save yourself the expense of having to purchase a new mattress, prematurely. While there is really nothing better than a brand-new mattress, investing in a pillow top can help you transition from an old mattress to a new one, especially when you are not ready for a big mattress purchase.