Delaware is one of our places we have sold organic mattresses to for the last 18 yrs. So come on up and visit us. Were close to Phila, and maybe your on your way to New York city . Stop in and check out our selection of mattresses, and comforters, and pillows, and sheets, etc, etc.

We have a fine selection of restaurants in the town to eat, so you can’t go wrong there. You pay no sales tax since you are in Delaware and were in Pa. So save yourself some money and take a nice trip up this way.  We have the oldest delivery service in the area and they have been doing deliveries for us since 2004.

They bring the mattress in, set it up, and if you prefer take away the old mattress for a small fee. We ask a lot of questions when you are here as well. We want to find out a lot of your sleeping habits, and figure out what mattresses wont work for you, and which ones will.

You know a person with shoulder issues won’t like a really firm mattress, so we zero in on something more medium. Maybe something firm for a guy who weighs over 200 lbs needs a firm latex core, with a softer pillow top built in.Let’s say we have a guy who weighs over 200 lbs and his partner weighs 120 lbs.

We would put them on a half and half with a pillow top built in. This would be the Coconut Grove mattress with a zipper at the top.With the zipper at the top, it’s easy to unzip the cover one time a year and flip the rubber cores. Hey come on over from Delaware and get the best organic mattress and accessories on the east coast. It will be time well spent. Dennis and Leora Hornick. The Organic Mattress Store. 1075 Main Street, Hellertown, Pa. 18055. 1-484-851-3636.