CPAP machine or an Organic Mattress?


Sleep apnea can be effectively treated with a nighttime device called CPAP, for continuous positive airway pressure, a machine that provides constant positive pressure when the sleeper breathes in and out. It uses a mask that must be properly applied to form a tight seal around the nose and mouth.

Unfortunately, many who could benefit from CPAP fail to use it consistently, if at all. Many find the device cumbersome. Yet, about one-third of consistent users say it has completely transformed their lives and are now unwilling to go anywhere without it because they feel so much better with it,

Another treatment option is a hypoglossal nerve stimulator that is surgically implanted to move the tongue forward and keep the airway open during sleep. Although it doesn’t fully reverse the apnea.However, insurance coverage can be a problem for some people.

Other options include a splint placed in the mouth to push the lower jaw forward, and the use of obstacles, like tennis balls inserted into the backs of pajamas, to discourage patients from sleeping on their backs.

For those who need it, weight loss is important even if a device like CPAP is used. More than half of overweight people with mild sleep apnea get better with a loss of only 22 pounds, the doctors wrote. But they warned against using substances like alcohol, benzodiazepines and opioids that can make apnea even worse. . Life is short. Put yourself on an organic mattress and breathe easily.   1-484-851-3636