What is in a conventional couch? And How to Install an organic mattress

“Our study shows that what’s in couches and other products matters because the chemicals get into house dust and then people are exposed to the chemicals at levels of health concern,” says Julia Brody, Ph.D., study author and executive director of the Silent Spring Institute. “When one toxic flame retardant is phased out, it’s being replaced by another chemical we either know is dangerous or suspect may be.”

No labels required
Flame-retardant chemicals have been used to meet a 1975 California flammability standard that requires polyurethane foam in furniture and mattresses to withstand a small open flame for 12 seconds. Though that is a state regulation, the couch-testing results indicate it has become a de facto national standard; 91 percent of tested couches that were purchased outside of California after 2005 contained flame retardants and met California’s standard. No label disclosing the presence of the chemicals is required. But adding those chemicals to furniture to meet that state standard may not prevent ignition or reduce the severity of a fire, according to a 2011 study co-authored by fire safety engineer Vytenis Babrauskas, Ph.D., and Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., director of the National Institute for Environmental Health Science, a federal research center.

California Gov. Jerry Brown has called for a new state standard that would improve fire safety without flame-retardant chemicals. Manufacturers would be required to use upholstery fabric that resists smoldering cigarettes, the leading cause of furniture fires.

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HOW TO PROPERLY INSTALL A MATTRESS   Here is info on how to install a few of them.

***The Organic Mattress Store® has about 10 different styles of mattresses and wood foundations and each are installed a different way. We suggest reading this page before going into a customer home and get better informed on the correct way to put the mattress and foundation together

“The Key West” comes with (1) solid layer of 6 inch rubber core inside a zipper cover.  Twins, Fulls, Queens, and Kings should come in one piece, already built. Put zipper side down. Available with or without a wood foundation. ****ALL WOOD FOUNDATIONS ARE TO BE INSTALLED WITH THE SLATS UP. IF YOU DON’T FEEL SLATS YOU HAVE IT UPSIDE DOWN.

 “The Coconut Grove” has a solid 6” layer on the bottom and a 3” soft layer on top, all inside a zipper cover that stays on the top. Build it with the zipper on top. If the customer bought (2) separate firmness for the 6” layer, put them where the customer wants them. Available with or without a wood foundation. ****ALL WOOD FOUNDATIONS ARE TO BE INSTALLED WITH THE SLATS UP. IF YOU DON’T FEEL SLATS YOU HAVE IT UPSIDE DOWN.

The Natures Nest (NIU) This is the trickiest of all installations. Make sure all seams are lined up from the start when you put the innersprings inside the cover first, and the 2 top layers of soft rubber that go on top of the innersprings will fall in place easily. Make sure you put either the innerspring firm side or the soft side up or down to the customers preference, since both of the innersprings can be customized. Make sure the firm side of the innerspring is to the outside and the soft to the inside. There are 3 firm sides and 1 softer side. Then zip the top wool piece of fabric to the bottom cover and that is the end of step one. Now put the top cover over that and line up the zipper at the bottom of the mattress and zip it around the bottom of the mattress. This part will take 2 people to do the zipping Have one person lift the mattress while the other does the zipping. Be sure to push any materials out of the way of the zipper so it does not get hung up. You’re done.

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