The Components of Natural Innerspring Mattresses

The most important 8 hours of your day are spent not in the office but in your bedroom. The average human will spend a third of their life asleep, which makes choosing a mattress a very important decision. Of the most popular mattress types on the market today, an organic mattress is your ticket to the best sleep of your life. At the East Coast Organic Mattress Store, you’ll find several different organic and vegan mattresses. What goes into making some of the highest quality mattresses in the industry? Keep reading to learn more.

Unlike other mattress made with man-made fibers and treated with chemicals, very few ingredients go into making an all-natural innerspring mattress. Organic cotton is one of the primary components used to make a natural mattress. The canvas cover that holds all of the other components in is usually comprised of organic cotton. Other mattress companies treat their canvases with harsh chemical cleaners and dyes that can irritate the skin, but organic cotton is the most hypoallergenic material on the market today. It won’t irritate your skin and it’s better for sleepers who suffer from chronic allergies.

While other mattress companies fill their products with synthetic foams that claim to be eco-friendly, organic wool actually is. Wool is harvested humanely and washed with filtered water and vegetable-based soaps, not man-made chemicals or bleach. The cleaning process allows the material to retain a small percentage of natural lanolin, a type of wax molecule that repels moisture, and dust mites. Mattresses made of organic wool are also fire resistant; they meet even California’s stringent fire retardancy standards.

For vegans and sleepers who are sensitive to wool, there are other options available. A vegan mattress replaces the wool layers with organic cotton or natural latex.

Unlike synthetic latex used to make balloons and medical gloves, natural latex is actually hypoallergenic. People with latex allergies are usually not allergic to natural latex. It’s important to note that plant-based mattresses don’t meet federal fire retardancy codes and you must have a doctor’s note in order to purchase one.

Finally, the innermost core of a natural innerspring mattress is comprised of several hundred steel springs. The spring core is 100% recyclable meaning that when you’re finally ready to retire your mattress, you won’t be contributing to your local landfill. Refer to your state and local guidelines for recycling mattresses and do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.