College Dorm Life and an new Organic Mattress

Going off to college can be exciting & stressful. To help the transition, surrounding yourself with a little bit of cozy comfort can help the transition be less stressful. . While you are pretty much stuck with whatever bed is in the dorm room, you can make it your own with a cozy topper either in organic wool & cotton, or natural rubber surrounded in organic cotton & wool. Add a mattress protector, your pillow & some organic cotton sheets, (flannel might be nice going into the fall), maybe even a wool comforter or organic cotton blanket, and you are ready to crash out in comfort after a long day of classes! Or just make it a twin organic natural latex mattress with a topper.

Like the 3 bears, we are here to help you get that new dorm room JUST RIGHT zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz / 866-246-9896