Choosing the Best Organic Crib Mattress for Your Baby

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A high-quality crib mattress doesn’t only make sleeping time cozier for baby, but also helps support his proper growth and development. An organic crib mattress with the right firmness and is made from the safest materials will cradle his growing bones safely and keep him away from the usual toxins that typical crib mattresses introduce to his system. If you want to keep your infant safe while sleeping, make sure to choose a crib mattress that is just firm enough to support his body and isn’t doused with all kinds of hazardous chemicals that can and will adversely affect their health. There are different types of organic crib mattresses that you can choose from in the market today:

  • Foam mattresses are the cheapest and lightest. They are usually available in a variety of firmness and thicknesses, often between 6-7 inches. Foam density is an important factor to consider when buying a foam mattress because this determines firmness. The heavier the mattress is, the denser its foam will usually be. Density also determines the foam’s resiliency when it comes to weight and pressure. Look for #95-D extra firm in Sri Lankan Latex.
  • Innerspring mattresses are more expensive but more durable than foam. They offer better firmness as the mattress fill is supported by metal coils with thick wire gauges.
  • Foam and innerspring mattresses may come in organic or non-organic varieties. For a safer choice, it is best to choose organic crib mattresses made out of all-natural materials. This usually means natural cotton, wool, or latex. Organic crib mattresses are worth the extra expense because of the peace of mind that comes with them. They are free from the usual chemicals and hazardous industrial compounds that standard mattresses contain, including PBDEs or flame retardants, which emit toxic gases in the long run. Organic mattresses are manufactured in the most chemical-free means possible to avoid these kinds of exposures.
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