Choosing Natural Wood Bed Frames to Suit Your Home and Budget

This bed frame works for him

Now that you have your eyes set on an organic mattress, the next thing on your priority list should be choosing the right bed frame to go with it. The perfect companion to an organic mattress is a wooden bed frame that can offer excellent support and comfort., Natural wood bed frames not only offer added style and elegance to your space, they also offer many practical benefits like strength, durability, comfort, and reduced environmental impact.

What’s in natural wood bed frames that make them the perfect choice for your home (and budget)? Read on to find out more about their advantages over other types of bed frames:

Wood is a sophisticated choice for furniture material that can range in style from traditional to classic/antique, and contemporary. This means great versatility when it comes to home styles, providing you with a piece of furniture that works well for your space and individual taste. Wood bed frames can be stained, painted, or finished in a range of ways to show off the beauty of the material.

Natural wood bed frames are also a popular choice because of their strength and durability. These bed frames come with a promise of longevity, thanks to their robust construction and the innate strength of different wood types. Well-made and well-crafted wooden bed frames can last indefinitely, making them the perfect choice for long-term use.


  1. Environmentally conscious consumers would also love the fact that many wooden bed frames are made with sustainability in mind. They are built from renewable materials, grown and harvested in the most environmentally friendly means possible.


  1. When it comes to maintenance, wood bed frames require little to no upkeep; although periodic cleaning is highly recommended to ensure the safety and integrity of the structure and to keep common bugs and pests away not only from the wood, but from your mattress.


If you are in the market for the right bed frame to match your organic mattress, natural wood bed frames make for an excellent choice, especially if quality, durability, lifespan, and sustainability are crucial factors in your decision.



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