Choosing an Innerspring Mattress – Toxicity is a Critical Factor to Consider


An average person could log up to 30,000 hours of sleep in a lifetime. This is why choosing a healthy mattress is important to health. If your heart is set on an innerspring mattress, there are certain factors that you should consider. Nowadays, there are all kinds of innerspring mattress designs and styles on the market, including hybrid products that combine traditional coil springs with different comfort layers.


Innerspring mattresses are very popular mostly because they have been around far longer than other mattress styles. In fact, innerspring mattresses have been on the market for so long that manufacturers have already found all kinds of ways to create mattress configurations that accommodate different sleeping preferences and comfort requirements.


Combination options for innerspring mattresses are endless. When shopping for a good buy, look for key things like coil count as this determines how bouncy and/or firm your mattress will be. Remember that more coils don’t necessarily translate to a better mattress. The key is knowing your personal preference before making a final choice. A higher coil count, however, usually means a firmer product. Always choose tempered steel to ensure durability.


There are many things that go into the manufacturing of innerspring mattresses. Knowing the major qualities you are looking for in a mattress is important so you can choose layer combinations that cater to your personal needs and preferences.


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