Choose an Organic Queen Mattress for Your Wife This Season

An organic queen mattress may be an odd choice for a present, but it can provide many benefits for your beloved wife, as well as for yourself. It can be a great gift if you want to make sure that you can sleep comfortably and when you wake up, you feel refreshed. It may also be a good idea to give your wife an organic queen mattress if she keeps waking up feeling cranky and miserable because of an uncomfortable mattress. Here are some reasons why this type of mattress is a great gift:

  1. It is safer – Organic queen mattresses are made of natural Dunlop rubber or latex, organic cotton, and blends of chemical-free and organic wools. These materials develop naturally from nature and are never treated with chemicals and other toxic substances so you can be sure that the mattress will not emit any harmful fumes and gases that may cause health problems to you and your wife.
  1. Natural wool keeps your body cool when it is hot – Chemical-free and organic wools whisk moisture and perspiration away, so the mattress does not have to feel hot, humid, or uncomfortable in the summer. It is a great source of warmth in the winter, too.
  2. It promotes good health – Natural Dunlop rubber or latex mattresses keeps a neutral temperature and will not run cold or hot, so you can sleep comfortably. If your wife suffers from respiratory problems or skin conditions like hay fever, asthma, and eczema, she may find her symptoms easing once she gets to sleep on an organic queen mattress. This is because natural rubber naturally repels dust mites and resists mold growth. If she suffers from chronic back pain, stiff neck, or aching shoulders each time she wakes up, an organic queen mattress may help ease those by conforming to her body when she lays on it.