Choose A Certified Organic Mattress for the Best Comfort

If you are looking to improve your sleep quality and wake up feeling completely refreshed, you may want to consider upgrading your mattress to a certified organic mattress. This type of mattress is not like your typical foam mattress, which is manufactured with synthetic materials and possibly with a range of chemicals added to ensure fire retardant and anti-bug properties. Choosing a certified organic mattress will not only increase your comfort but provide a healthier and safer sleep environment, too. Now is a good time to start shopping for organic mattresses not only for comfort but also for your health. Here are tips for choosing the right organic mattress that is certified authentic:

  • Find out what it is made of – A certified organic mattress is made entirely of organically grown materials. Likewise, these materials are certified organic. Hence, you should not be able to find strange names on the label, such as nylon polypropylene, formaldehyde, and boric acid. Certified organic mattresses are often preferred because they do not contain toxic chemicals that can cause illnesses and have been linked to certain types of cancers and neurological disorders. Properties that make them fire retardant and repellent to dust mites are all natural and come from organic wool and natural rubber or latex. Moreover, their ability to wick moisture away and keep you cool while asleep are natural features of natural rubber and wool.
  • Verify that it is certified organic – ‘Certified organic’ means that the mattress is made entirely of organic materials without any synthetic fabrics and materials mixed into it. Hence, make sure that the mattress is made of 100 percent organic cotton and not a blend of 70 percent organic cotton and 30 percent of synthetic and recycled fibers. Likewise, make sure that the mattress is made of organic or natural wool that is free from toxic chemicals, and that the latex is comes from a rubber tree in a sustainable forest. Consider mattresses that are not dyed or colored, and unbleached.
  • Learn about the store that sells the mattress – Buy a certified organic mattress only from a store that is reputable and mindful of the products that they sell. This means that they carry only certified organic mattresses that are have been tested and proven to be what they claim to be. Look for a store that is a member of the Organic Trade Association and make sure it is a certified Green America business. Likewise, make sure that it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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The Organic Mattress Store Inc. is a well-known organic mattress store in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. They provide mattresses made up of Dunlop Latex, 100% certified organic cotton and pure wool. They are the market leaders in natural and organic mattresses. They have all big brands in their store like Ivy Organics,White lotus, Royal-Pedic, WJ-Southard, for you to come in to try out.

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