Casper mattress in a box thinking of going public.

Yep. Casper is getting big. They always thought its a waste of peoples time to go to a store, so lets sell them a mattress in a box. Avacado, Tomorrow, Purple, and Sattva followed suit. Today combined they probably do 500 million in sales a year. That’s about what all the bricks and mortar stores do that sell organic mattresses around the country combined. So that,s why there all going out of business. People seem to want there lives to be hassle free, and believe in the hype. Or more like it, people just don’t care and fall for the new trendy way to shop. They all want to cut out the middle man and even give a 90 day return policy. But there is still nothing like laying down on a mattress at a real store and seeing how it feels. Casper wants people to have a real great experience way beyond sleeping on a slab of memory foam.They have bedside lights to help get to sleep. Maybe an app is coming. There here already. Casper will teach you about circadian rhythms. Say what? Yep the sleep industry got a lot of stuff going on and it seems to be getting deeper all the time. Casper is going to have a hard time going public with so much competition and a with a company that has never posted a profit. Why not go out and buy a $149,000 Hastens Mattress while your at it. Its like when is this bad dream going to end.

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