Unmake your bed each morning

The easiest way to care for your natural fiber bedding is by unmaking your bed every morning.  In order to let the most active areas of your bedding breathe, pull back your comforter and blankets for at least an hour or two, until you go to bed that night. Your wool bedding has been actively wicking moisture away from your skin throughout the night in order to keep you in a comfortable temperature zone.  Giving your bedding a daily chance to air out allows it to release that moisture and stay fresh.

Fold separate mattress topper down once each month

Once per month, pull your separate mattress topper down over the foot of your bed.  This allows the very middle of your bed to air out and release moisture.  This is a great time to rotate and flip your mattress topper in order to create even compression.



Seasonal Sun and Air

Once each season, remove all of your wool bedding (other that the mattress) and place them out in the sun. The sun will naturally deodorize, bleach, disinfect, and revitalize your bedding.  You can hang the bedding over railings or furniture, hang them out the window, or lay them on a blanket in the sun.  If you are unable to take your bedding outside, you can place the items near a fireplace/stove or other source of dry heat.  If you live in a particularly humid climate you can take additional steps.

1- Use a dehumidifier.

2-Sun and air all the bedding more frequently.

3- Fold all the bedding over to allow the bottom of the mattress additional air.

4- Use a space heater as a stand in for sun.

5- Vacuum your mattress and wool and rubber pillow tops to pull air through the fibers.

Wool is naturally resistant to mold and mildew.  Keep your eye on the wooden slats of your frame for early signs of mildew. Always keep everything up off the ground to move air thru the system.

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