Caring for your latex products and delivery ideas


  1. Flip your latex mattress or pillow top yearly after the first year. It’s easier to do with 2 people. From the top, bend the cores in half like a piece of bread and pull the bottom out and up towards the top of the bed by using leverage. Rotate the cores while you’re at it. You’re done. Each manufacturer has a different set of care instructions. Please follow their recommendations since they could be different from ours. Flipping will increase longevity. Be careful not to rip the rubber cores when flipping. Air out the latex cores if needed. But not in the sun.
  2. We suggest having the delivery men bring in the mattress and foundation and set up the foundation first. Since some delivery men probably never saw this mattress it is advisable to take time, and read the instructions. Have the delivery men wash their hands prior to installation. It is highly advisable to use a wool or cotton mattress protector over any mattress you purchase. Spot clean it with vinegar and water. Wash and dry it on the easy cycle, or hang dry. Be careful of corner straps with baby’s moving up to twin mattresses. Cut the strap if necessary.

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