Care Package info included with every sale


To our customers after the sale. Enclosed you will find information regarding organic, virtually chemical-free mattresses and pillows.  We have found that many chemically sensitive persons have visited our store, bought our products and expressed success with them.  We also can provide people with samples of the materials used in the manufacturing of these mattresses, to ensure no reaction to them, before they buy.  Another added benefit is our clean, chemical free showroom located in Hellertown PA, (just outside of the Allentown- Bethlehem area) where they can try the comfort of these mattresses.

If you would like any additional information regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.


Dennis and Leora Hornick

The Organic Mattress Store, Inc.

The Organic Mattress Store Inc. has been selling organic mattresses and top of the bed products to over 5000 satisfied customers since 2004. We are located between NYC and Philadelphia The company sells Guatemalan, and Malaysian Dunlop. From twins to kings, all of our organic mattresses have met the strict standards of the USDA/National Organic Program. 484-851-3636 www.theorganicmattressstore.comTAKE TIME TO READ THIS PACKET OF INFORMATION.  WE RECOMMEND YOU PLACE IT UNDER YOUR MATTRESS FOUNDATION FOR FUTURE REFERENCE