How to Buy the Right Comforter for Your Bed?

Comforters are there to give you comfort, whether your home is just outside the arctic circle or if it lies on the equator. From and evolutionary perspective, human beings tend to sleep best under covers. It makes them feel secure, providing a barrier against the unpredictable temperature changes.

Although thermostats have taken up the responsibility of reducing that unpredictability, we still just can’t sleep without comforters. So, keeping in mind their vital nature, we will discuss some things that you should keep in mind while buying a comforter.


Size is the most important factor. Even a warm comforter might fail to give you a comfortable sleep if it doesn’t properly cover your body. The rule of thumb says that the bigger it is the better, but only to a certain point. If two people are going to sleep on the bed, then a right sized comforter is the one that hangs almost halfway on the sides of the bed when laid down flat. Believe it or not some people use individual comforters on there respective sides of the bed. So 2 Twin comforters instead of just one King comforter makes a lot of sense. And to top it off you both wont be fighting for the comforter nite after nite.


Once you ensure that there will be no leaks arising from the inappropriately small size of the comforter, you need to choose one that has the right warmth. An important thing to remember is that although there are standards like “fill power” which you should consider, but at the same time what’s more important is your sleeping habit. You should give more importance to factors like how warm do you sleep, do you sleep near a fireplace, and how many months of absolute winters do you get in your area. Stick to a lite filled comforter of all organic wool in a warmer climate.You can then move up to an all season comforter . For extreme winters go right for a winter all wool comforter.Add a duvet to any of these comforters to keep the comforter clean. Wash the duvet now and then as needed.

Down vs Wool

When taking note of the filling material, you’ll find that most of the comforters come with down filling. The down used for cushioning and providing warmth is extracted from the soft down-feathers of goose, or less frequently, duck. As might be obvious, there are also synthetic fibers that mimic the functionality of authentic down, and offer additional features like longevity and hypoallergenic characteristic. Don’t use any of these materials. Use Wool.

The other option is wool. Wool is warm, light, and breathable, making for the perfect fill for a comforter. It is also naturally fluffy, owing to the crimped individual fur strands. Since it dispels moisture so effectively, wool makes for a hostile atmosphere for dust mites and other allergens. This makes Wool Comforters exceptionally suitable for people who suffer from respiratory allergies.

Our Northwest USA Comforter is made from premium Northwest Pure Eco Wool. The wool filling is covered with Organic Cotton Sateen that is soft to touch and has a gloss finish. The comforter is designed to help regulate temperature and maintain adequate levels of moisture, giving you a comfortable sleep, through all seasons.