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Where does one go these days to find the natural latex mattress of their dreams? Are you thinking of making an organic latex mattress purchase?  Are the ingredients truly chemical free? What goes inside our mattress compared to those conventional mattresses? Lots of questions and lots of misleading answers are out there. Let our 16 plus years of experience guide you. Since organics are not 100% chemical free and knowing nothing is chemical free, let’s talk.  Beware of the companies making such statements. First of all our natural Guatemalan ,and Malasian latex is made from pure, natural latex and not the so called organic latex, or with synthetics or petro-chemically derived additives. This is as pure as it gets. Guatemalan, and Malasian latex is the best we have seen. Wool is our natural fire retardant, and our cottons are 100% organic and Gots certified. “Let’s keep it simple” is our motto, and we been doing just that for more than nine years.

 Do you want a mattress that will last 20 to 25 years, reduce back pain, lower your heart rate with the natural wool lining and feel wonderful and luxuriously comfortable and supportive when you are sleeping? If so, then you have come to the right place. Purchasing an Organic Mattress Store mattress will be the most important purchase of your lifetime. Fall asleep knowing you and your loved ones are safe and secure from the pesticides and chemicals used in conventional mattress manufacturing. Besides buying a mattress, you’re also buying

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