Why You Should Only Buy An Organic Mattress for Your Baby



When you are out to buy a crib mattress, giant safety seals dominate labels, yet they reek of VOCs and toxic chemical emissions that are clearly not what you want your infant child to sleep on or be anywhere around. This is where an organic baby mattress comes in. Natural mattresses are made in such a way that avoids the use of harmful chemicals. This way, the resulting product makes for a healthier mattress for even the most vulnerable babies to sleep on.


Unlike traditional mattresses that manufacturers try their best to push out the door for as little capital as possible, while maintaining the least amount of compliance to government regulations, as long as they do pass safety standards (which are not at all that high nor strict), natural, organic baby mattress products don’t contain or put your baby at risk of contact to the same hazards that their chemically-bathed counterparts have.


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