Why You Should Only Buy An Organic Mattress for Your Baby today



For instance, an organic baby mattress is free from brominated fire retardants, which are typically applied to mattresses and other types of soft furniture to ensure fire resistance. Natural mattresses are made from materials with fire resistant properties , hence eliminating the need for harmful PBDEs and chemical baths, which are in fact banned in many countries because of their bioaccumulative properties that can be extremely harmful to children’s health and development. Choosing natural mattresses over synthetically produced products keeps your young child away from the dangers of PBDEs, which experiments show, are very highly linked to issues like thyroid conditions, developmental, motor skills, learning problems, and even cancer.Another reason why you should avoid synthetic mattresses and choose organic instead is the use of cheap glues on standard mattress products. Cheap glues like chemical fire retardants contain many harmful elements which can be toxic to children.


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