Your Organic Futon and wool bed care instructions

Place your futon on a slat foundation or a futon frame. They’re great for college, or a guest room. Most futons are used in living rooms by day and fold out by night. Protect your futon from getting wet. We recommend a wool or cotton mattress protector. Flip & rotate… Keep Reading

Your Innerspring Mattresses

Place your innerspring mattress on top of a box spring or wood slat foundation platform bed. For a longer life, do not allow jumping / bouncing on top of your mattress. Make sure their lined up. Think about using a wool or cotton mattress protector over the mattress. If you… Keep Reading

Caring for your latex products and delivery ideas

  Flip your latex mattress or pillow top yearly after the first year. It’s easier to do with 2 people. From the top, bend the cores in half like a piece of bread and pull the bottom out and up towards the top of the bed by using leverage. Rotate… Keep Reading


  HOW TO PROPERLY INSTALL A FEW OF OUR MATTRESSES ***The Organic Mattress Store® has about 10 different styles of mattresses and wood foundations and each are installed a different way. We suggest reading this page to get better informed on the correct way to put the mattress  and foundation… Keep Reading

Product Care Instructions for The Organic Mattress Store mattresses

  When your new bed arrives, it will have an unusual fragrance.  Don’t worry. It’s only natural! Your new bed has been securely wrapped up for a while and it will take a little bit for this new bed fragrance to disappear.  Good ventilation will help this process along. It… Keep Reading

Boost Immunity through sound sleep

Our sleeping habits have changed during this pandemic. So Refresh your cells and tissues thru good sleep. Boost your immune system. Rinse away the debris and clutter in your mind. Give up the screen before bed. Read a book instead. You will wake up feeling better.  And do something cool,… Keep Reading

MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY For The Organic Mattress Store

Each manufacturer has a different warranty. We are The Organic Mattress Store, and this is how we do it. With prorated warranties of 25 yrs., the first 10 yrs. there is full coverage. The second 15 yrs. starts out 50% of the original price of the mattress, and will decline/decrease… Keep Reading


  If the freight arrives, and the contents are visibly damaged, contact the store you purchased from immediately to get advice on keeping some of the items vs. refusing all of them. But do write “SUBJECT TO FURTHER INSPECTION” on all papers signed. This applies to all products being signed… Keep Reading

GENERAL GUIDELINES At The East Coast Organic Mattress Store

    The warranted item will be repaired or replaced.  The East Coast Organic Mattress Store ® Inc. reserves the right to substitute material of equal quality.  Repair or replacement does not extend the original period of limited warranty, nor does it constitute the beginning of a new limited warranty… Keep Reading

Organic Mattresses comfort exchanges.

THE ORGANIC MATTRESS STORE ® INC. PRIVATE LABEL   All organic mattresses are made to order. No Comfort exchanges will be offered for any mattress or top of the bed products from any manufacturer we carry.  We cannot replace any firmness picked by the customer. The science of core making… Keep Reading