Go ahead, and take a nap. I do it a lot right in the mattress store. Usually before covid hit it was around 3pm till 4pm.. It works. If you do it too late in the day it will keep you up at nite. So the earlier you do it… Keep Reading

Addiction to our phones and sleeping

  If you feel strongly addicted to your phone take an extreme measure and turn the phone onto the grey scale mode.There is also a simple exercise. We can remind ourselves that outside of work , a lot of what we do online does not matter, and its better spend… Keep Reading

Create no cell phone areas before sleep time

When your getting ready to go to sleep make sure your phone is out of the room in another part of the house charging. Keep em in your room and your sleep quality will go down. We have not had one in our room in 16 years now. The blue… Keep Reading

The Quest to find the perfect mattress is not an easy one

    Most dealers and manufacturers of these mattresses made only with the finest organic wools and certified organic cottons were once located on the west coast, and customers and buyers from the hotel industry had no way at all for people on the east coast to try mattresses out.  Realizing… Keep Reading

Care Package info included with every sale

  To our customers after the sale. Enclosed you will find information regarding organic, virtually chemical-free mattresses and pillows.  We have found that many chemically sensitive persons have visited our store, bought our products and expressed success with them.  We also can provide people with samples of the materials used in… Keep Reading


  To whom it may concern: Have you ever considered going with a few Organic Suites/Rooms at your Inn?  Give them the peace of mind that they are in a healthy environment. Having a towel program is not enough. Our mattresses are luxurious and priced right.  Ingredients: 100% organic cotton… Keep Reading

Organic Mattresses and Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping is a personal choice.  A firm, flat bed is the appropriate choice for co-sleeping.  Babies should not be sleeping on soft mattresses or pillow tops.     All of our mattresses are free of all flame retardant chemicals that are added to traditional mattresses. Therefore, there is no off-gassing with our… Keep Reading

Our Dunlop latex mattresseses are formed

By whipping the harvested rubber sap into the froth and baking the resulting fluff into sheets using large steam molds. The natural sediments within the sap mixture would settle to the mold’s bottom, which makes lower Dunlop layers slightly denser, hence firmer than the top surface. Adjusting a Dunlop foam’s… Keep Reading

Why Dunlop Latex Mattress is Considered the Best for a Crib Mattress?

The best thing about Dunlop latex is that it is considered the purest out of latex foam types, made out of pure latex sap or serum, tapped directly from the bark of rubber trees. Manufacturing and production methods for natural Dunlop latex have remained the same since their introduction in… Keep Reading

Why You Should Only Buy An Organic Mattress for Your Baby today

    For instance, an organic baby mattress is free from brominated fire retardants, which are typically applied to mattresses and other types of soft furniture to ensure fire resistance. Natural mattresses are made from materials with fire resistant properties , hence eliminating the need for harmful PBDEs and chemical… Keep Reading