Is it time for a new mattress?

If you answer yes to any of the following things, the answer is YES. Is your mattress lumpy, sagging, or have indentations?  The adhesive between the layers may have failed, causing the layers to shift. Are you waking up sore?  Your mattress may not be giving you the support it… Keep Reading

Working woman getting less sleep in 2019

Working Woman  put in long hours on the job last year, They also spent less time relaxing or socializing—and less time sleeping. Working women are not getting enough sleep Working women also saw their hours of sleep slip in 2019 to slightly more than 8½ hours a night. Working men… Keep Reading

What foods can derail a good night’s sleep?

Definitely caffeine and cocktails in the evening can give you a lousy night’s sleep.Throw in a poor diet and poor sleep and you got a vicious cycle about to happen. One of the worst offenders of a bad night’s sleep is sugar. Save your sugar rushes for daytime. One of… Keep Reading

Silent Toxins in the Bedroom

  Sleep time is so important and a great organic mattress is one of the best ways to eliminate chemical toxins from your home & especially your bedroom. Flame retardants are in so many conventional products from your mattress, furniture & carpets, just to name a few. Toxins in your… Keep Reading

The 90 day trial period

  I had a customer last week who asked me if we offer a trial period, and I explained that we do not, because we don’t ever want a customer to think the mattress you purchase from us has been in someone else’s home before. He said GREAT, that’s what… Keep Reading

Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

Adults should be getting at least seven hours of sleep each night to support good health. Below are a few ideas to help you sleep better. Turn off your electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime.  The blue light emitted from them suppresses melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone. Eliminate… Keep Reading

Hours of sleep for babies to kids 3-4 yrs old

Infants need to be active and when they’re ready to crash let it be on an organic mattress from The Organic Mattress Store. Infants 3 mos. or younger, need 14-17 hours a day…including naps. Babies 4-11 mos.  Give em 12-16 hours a day including naps. Kids 3-4 yrs old. Give… Keep Reading

Autism and sleep studies

80% of children with Autism have disturbed sleep. Social communication is disrupted, and behavior issues are increased. Put your kids on an organic mattress from The Organic Mattress Store. For the next 1/3 of your kids life there going to get the benefits of clean sleep vs synthetic sleep. Only… Keep Reading

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Taking a Nap during the day

You know that taking a nap during the day is probably one of the best things you can do next to meditating once a day. Transcendental Meditation has you doing this 2x a day, but why bother when you can just lay down and get a few Z’s and you’re… Keep Reading