Are you a side sleeper?

    If you are a side sleeper, you should have a pillow that is as deep as your shoulder.  You should also put a pillow between your knees.  Both of these suggestions will help keep your back aligned and help prevent aches and pains in your back. Let’s get… Keep Reading

Are you a back sleeper?

  If you are a back sleeper, remember to place a pillow under your legs to keep your spine aligned.  And your head should lay flat, so you should have a light pillow. How about we get you on a nice organic mattress for back sleepers today. We carry very… Keep Reading

We have been around for 16 full years.

    Since its founding in 2004, The  Organic Mattress Store, has grown from a 900-square-foot space to an 8,000-square-foot space greened out building. “Customers soon began flocking to our store, often from hours away,” the owners stated. “They loved our gorgeous showroom, with exposed copper heating pipes over 90… Keep Reading

Sleeping on your stomach

    May cause neck, back, and or shoulder pain. Whenever you sleep on your stomach, you need to keep your head turned to be able to a – this can cause diminished blood flow to your head, which can lead to headaches.  Stomach sleeping may cause an arch in… Keep Reading

Too much sleep can increase the risk of a stroke

A new study shows that too much sleep can increase your risk for a stroke.  Sleeping nine or more hours a night increases your stroke risk. Napping more than 90 minutes a day also increases your stroke risk. So what can you do.. Take a 20 minute nap instead and… Keep Reading

Your Pillow is the best investment you can make.

    Your pillow is an investment in good quality sleep. Make sure you get a good one. Wool pillows are naturally hypo allergenic and mold and dust mite resistant.  They wick away moisture and can help regulate your temperature.  They are pretty firm, but also have longevity. Cotton pillows… Keep Reading

Organic Pillows.

    Pillows are almost as important as mattresses when it comes to sleep quality.  Which pillow is right for you?  Stomach sleepers usually use a very soft pillow, a flat pillow or no pillow.  Back sleepers use a flatter pillow to keep your head and back aligned.  The best… Keep Reading

Take a tech break///Sleep Better

  Wanna sleep better? Shut that phone off way before bedtime. In fact keep it out of the bedroom. The owners of the organic mattress store are way ahead of you. We have no tv in our rooms, but upstairs for viewing movies we rent. We got rid of cable… Keep Reading

7.5 hours Sleep needed a nite

7.5 hours is the approximate amount of hours of sleep a person needs per night, according to a consensus of sleep experts. If you’re not a great sleeper, doctors often recommend trying natural sleep remedies before seeking a prescription. Try sipping tart cherry juice, which contains naturally occurring melatonin,,, a… Keep Reading


Most dumped mattresses are available at a wide variety of brick-and-mortar retailers, including national chains like Walmart, and online sellers like Amazon and Wayfair, placing them in direct competition with American-made beds, according to industry experts and people familiar with the case. So if that’s what you want, we cant… Keep Reading