The Best Way to Find the ultimate wood bed


Natural wood beds are perfect if you are looking for a traditional bed that is durable and nontoxic. They can be made in any height or size you desireThere may be many different retailers of natural wood beds in town, but not all of them will offer the highest-quality and most genuine products. You need to be careful when choosing where to buy a natural wood bed. Here are some things to remember when finding a trustworthy natural wood beds seller in your area:


  • Look for a retailer that specializes in selling organic mattresses – Find a reputable retailer that is known for carrying a great selection of 100 percent wood beds in town. Stay away from particle board and veneers.Some of the most reputable organic mattress retailers carry natural wood beds, too. Make sure it has a showroom you can visit to personally view its selection of products.


  • A trustworthy natural wood beds provider can assist you in choosing a good product without the sales talk. This way, you can make a more informed decision based on your needs.
  • Do your homework – It is important to verify the claims and reputation of store, so look it up to make sure that it is offering exactly what you are looking for. Find out who makes the beds, the types of wood used, the organic finishing, and staining method. Likewise, look up reviews about the bed to make sure that it is durable.


  • Qualities of a good natural wood bed – High-quality natural wood beds are made of hardwoods like solid cherry, North American ash, brown maple, oak, and walnut, all of which are known for their beautiful grains. They are solidly constructed with metal on metal connectors to ensure durability, good strength, easy assembly. They have strong hardwood slats, too, going side to side to let the mattress system breathe.


  • Explore the selection of natural wood bed products – Reputable retailers carry solid wood bed frames and foundations. Bed frames are sold either as a platform bed (if you want to use only the mattress) or as a conventional bed (if you are using a box spring with a mattress).


Three-inch and eight-thick traditional slatted wood foundations are made from untreated cabinet grade spruce wood, with about two to 2.5 inches of airspace between every slat for breathability. Manufacturers use 100 percent organic South Carolina cotton ticking (flannel fabric) with a diamond pattern covering and eco wool made of Pure Pacific Northwest California Eco Wool and chemical-free wool blend. These foundations will keep the mattress close to the floor, making them ideal for babies or very young children who are transitioning from their crib to a twin-sized bed.

An eight-inch thick foundation offers a higher height to allow the mattress to breathe. It may be ideal for older people who need to get in and out of bed easily.


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