Larry is a retiree. Maybe 72 something. According to the better sleep council. There both empty nesters. They live in an upscale neighborhood in the suburbs in the Midwest. They both get 7-8 hours a night and feel refreshed in the morning.. There both pain free and take sleep seriously. He rarely has a snack and avoids caffeine entirely. He reads before bed. No social media or r mail. His head hits the pillow and he’s out. He rarely wakes up at night. He got a great wife and close friends. He has interests and hobbies and enjoys plays and concerts.. He watches tv and is concerned about terrorism and immigration.. However it does not affect his sleep. Get Larry on an organic mattress and were betting things will improve even more. If he’s breathing in chemicals on his synthetic mattress out in the Midwest, then he’s losing   1-484-851-3636