The Best Quality Organic Mattresses in The USA


A high-quality mattress that lasts 20 years or more is one of the most important purchases that you will ever make in your lifetime. When shopping for the best quality organic mattress in the USA, you need to be careful and consider certain factors to ensure that you are buying the right product. You can never be too sure about the quality of the organic mattresses in the market.Some mattress sellers in Maryland even label their products ‘organic’ when they technically are not. How do you know you are buying the genuine organic mattress? Here are some tips.


  1. Verify where the latex is from.


Dunlop rubber from Malaysia and Guatemala, are among the most superior types of latex. This type of latex promotes good health as it stays neutral whether the climate is hot or cold. It naturally repels dust mites, and it is recommended for people with eczema, hay fever, and other skin and respiratory problems.


When the weather is hot, the mattress encourages air to circulate to make perspiration dissipate quickly and prevent moisture retention. Dunlop latex naturally supports the body by following the contours and taking shape to prevent backaches. Natural latex from Sri Lanka or Malaysia meets the consumer demand for the right level of comfort and comes in different firmness levels. This way, you are guaranteed a comfortable and even sleeping surface for a complete and revitalizing rest. When you rise from your bed, the natural latex quickly recovers and returns to its original condition.Not like the slow recovery from memory foam.


Natural rubber is robust and can last for more than 20 years without deteriorating. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, natural latex mattresses do not make any noise and do not cause any disturbance to the person sleeping beside you when you move.So the less transference of motion is a very good thing when sleeping.


  1. Make sure it is made of natural wool and organic cotton.


Natural wool is chemical-free and will cool your body in the summer as it takes moisture away. Likewise, it will keep your body warm in the colder months. Reputable organic mattress manufacturers use chemical-free and organic wool blends on the side layers and under the top of their products for better loft.


Some of the best organic wool has Northern California and Oregon blends then produced and milled in California, then shipped to reputable manufacturers to be incorporated into the mattresses as the top layer, on the sides, and deep within the mattress. Always make sure that you are getting natural wool  in your mattress.


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