Best Organic Pillows – How To Choose an Organic Pillow That Is Truly Non-Toxic

More manufacturers are hopping on the green bandwagon, which can be a good thing. The problem is, some manufacturers label their products ‘organic’ when they really aren’t, effectively shortchanging the consumer. So if you are in the market for best organic pillows, there are some things to check to make sure that you end up with a truly non-toxic product:

  • Materials – You probably look at the nutritional facts on the label of the food products you buy, right? Well, you should also check the contents of a so-called organic pillow before purchasing it. See what it is made of, what is used to fill it, and what material was used for the covering. Some of the most common organic materials that are non-toxic include natural or organic shredded rubber, kapok, wool, and and organic cotton.
  • Process – Check how the pillow was made. There are some manufacturers that do use organic materials, but they subject the pillows to a washing process that involves toxic substances.
  • Seller or manufacturer – Whether you are buying directly from a manufacturer or from a seller, you should always check the shop’s credentials. Is the business a member by the BBB? Also check of the seller has been certified by Green America..

Once you are sure that the manufacturer’s pillows are indeed non-toxic, you can then choose pillows based on your preference. Are you buying for someone else? Always ask the user what he or she wants. For instance, how firm does the pillow have to be? How high does it have to be? You should also know what kind of sleeper the user is. There are specific organic pillows that are designed for people who switch positions, sleep on their sides, or sleep in a straight or natural position. 484-851-3636