Benefits of an organic mattress


With the organic movement steadily influencing consumer’s purchasing decisions, more people are becoming curious about the real benefits of using and consuming organic products and adapting to an organic lifestyle altogether. Switching to organic foods is often the first step people take towards a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle. But there is no fixed rule against starting your transition with organic beddings. Creating a healthier sleeping environment for the whole family is also a smart step to take if you wish to eliminate toxins in your home.

Organic bedding can refer to anything ranging from your bed linens to your pillows, mattresses,  pillow cases, comforters, etc. These products offer far-reaching benefits to human health. Compared to artificial and synthetic bedding products, organic bedding is clearly the better choice due to their health benefits.

Organic mattresses and other types of organic bedding is made from all-natural materials, as opposed to synthetic materials like plastics, polyurethane, and other substances that often contain toxic substances and chemicals acquired from a chemical-based production process. Chemicals off gas over time, filling your bedroom air with toxic gases that may harm your health. Inhaling these chemicals or absorbing them through constant and prolonged contact may cause long term health problems. Using organic mattresses made of organic materials that are free from chemical hormones, fertilizers, and synthetic agents during production, ensures safe health. Organic mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and will not trigger allergies or promote asthmatic conditions. But, some people may be allergic to the wool in a mattress. Its one in a thousand, but it happens. Be sure to have a test kit sent to you , to be on the safe side. This test kit will contain a sample of wool, cotton fabric, and natural Sri Lankan or Malaysian latex.

Organic mattresses also offer protection against parasitic growth and incubation. The Wool prevents dust mites from inhabiting your bed, protecting you from the risk of allergic reactions. Natural fiber characteristics reduce accumulation of these types of organisms. Wool contains a natural substance known as lanolin, which hinders dust mites from nesting inside your mattress.

Organic production causes less damage to the environment, the eco-friendly cultivation and agriculture methods hence proves to be a boon, making them a sustainable choice. They also require no genetic modification nor do they need chemical fertilizers or insecticides. Additionally, organic fibers are biodegradable and can be recycled so they don’t leave harmful toxins in the environment.

Organic mattresses also conform better to the human body, which results in a more comfortable sleep and better body temperature regulation. Lastly and most importantly, organic mattresses are safer for infants, protecting their developing bodies from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals present in ordinary and traditional mattresses.


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