Benefits of Using a Natural Organic Dunlop Latex Mattress for Sleeping

Organic Dunlop Latex Mattress

Natural latex mattresses are high-quality products that are created from sustainable materials. Not only are they sourced ethically, but natural latex also provides excellent back support, which contributes to its overall sleeping comfort, as opposed to synthetic mattresses, which are made out of chemically derived materials or natural materials treated with a concoction of different chemicals. A healthy choice, there are many other benefits to using natural organic latex mattress as a bedding base:

  • As earlier mentioned, latex is an ethical material, obtained by tapping rubber trees for their sap. This process doesn’t cause any long term or harmful effects on the tree, thus making it a highly sustainable resource. No animals are harmed while harvesting rubber and no pesticides or herbicides are used in its cultivation, making this product free from harmful toxins. Harvesting latex doesn’t kill the trees as the incision where the sap drains from heals quite easily and quickly, meaning latex can be harvested indefinitely.
  • ┬áDunlop Latex offers extreme comfort. Another major benefit of latex as a mattress material is that it offers different levels of firmness and does not pack down, unlike other materials that easily wear down with continued use. Typical mattress fillings, for instance, have the tendency to condense over time, reducing comfort and evenness. Latex, on the other hand, retains its original shape and firmness even with prolonged use, making it an extremely supportive and comfortable mattress material. Because it is dense, it allows great support, while also providing a fast recovery/springy quality, thanks to the material being highly elastic.